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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Get! - Supersci lyrics lirics lirycs

(hook, Remedeeh)
can I get a "Super" can I get a "Sci"
can I heat it up can I set this on fire
can y´all get it moving can y´all keep it live
if y´all feeling this then throw your fist up high

can I get a "mister" can I get a "Noun"
I can have your sister and your moms getting down
check it out - my words are my weapon blaow
spitting rounds at them clowns better reckon now
that we letting out Flyphonic sonic booms
that I always can rely on when bombing you
from July to June conjuring demonic tunes
you know how O, Noun Erik L and Arka do
we attack though we know you ain't got the bomb - like U.S.A.
and we knew it all from the start - what you would say
that very same blazeh blah - that true heads hate
now I got an advise for frauds - that you should take
that fake image kid - best to leave it home
shouldn't talk about things you don't even know
cause the only right way it'll be your own
so relax be yourself let your feelings flow


can I get a "Ark" can I get a "Tek"
when I get a mic to spark y´all hit the deck
can I get a big up and a buck buck
and if you holding up the wall get the fuck up
it´s the Supersci emcees with the raw sound
we be getting on down hitting your town
both up in the club and in your lounge
mister Noun show them all what it´s for now

can I get a "Erik" can I get a "L"
that we can blaze up you know that shit taste well
better check that both your sneakers are laced well
cause tonight we trackrunning kid brake yourself
all in all have a ball drink a case yourself
wall to wall have a ball time for raising hell
whild out in your room til you brake a shelf
whild out with your boys til the ladies yell


can I get a "Ob" can I get a "Scure"
can I get a head bob and a "Yes Y´all"
can I get a clenched fist up in the air
can I get into this with my peeps here
can I make you get up and just trash the place
blow it up go nuts like you masturbate
pull it out cock it back and just blast away
stop looking so down nobody passed away
now I wanna se y´all get down tonight
get loose get live don´t frown or fight
whether y´all straight sober or oozing high
drinking brews or booze with juice tonight
gotta do this right paying dues in life
but I don´t even care who´s the truest type
if it´s looping tight we gotta loot for mics
Superscientifiku be the crew for life



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