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Monday, October 23, 2006

Lil Eazy-E

411: Hey, his pops is one of the pioneers of gangsta rap, so don't be mad at Lil Eazy-E for trying to carry on a tradition. The 22-year-old, who had a buzz immediately upon his entrance into the game last year, sounds almost exactly like his legendary father. Originally signed to Virgin, he didn't agree with how the label was pushing him, so he got out of the contract and started his own production company: N.W.A. Entertainment.Lil Eazy has since inked a distribution deal with Blackground/Universal, and his debut LP, Prince of Compton, should be out sometime at the top of the year. Lil Eazy just came back from VA to do some tracks with Timbaland, and he has Swizz Beatz, Scott Storch and of course N.W.A alum Dr. Dre listed as future collaborators for the project.Obviously he's linking up with the right people for his album, and with his mixtape, he had to follow suit as well. The West Coast tag-team champions of DJs Warrior and Strong helped him put this street CD together.
"This Ain't a Game" featuring Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. "Basically, the song title speaks for itself," Lil Eazy explained. "Me and Bone got back on the thuggish-ruggish tip, and we're sending shots at people who think it's something to play with. It's special because Pops introduced [Bone Thugs] to the world. And that's actually the first song I recorded. Honestly, I had the whole [original] roster on there, but they're not seeing eye to eye. So I just have the three Bone members on there now [Layzie, Krayzie and Wish]. We got more songs to do for the album. I just did a run with them on the road. It's all love."
"Prince of the City." "That's the introduction track," he said. "[It's] basically my comment to the West Coast, letting you know what I'm about, what I'm introducing to the game. The last verse I say, 'I'mma rep mine and keep my father's legacy pushin'.' "
"Compton City G's." "It's just bringing back the family, with my pops letting you knew where I came from," he explained. "He'll be featured [with a verse] on my album. It's something special. It scares you because of how similar our voices are. I scare most people when I'm rapping, but [an album is] something you dream for and it's a blessing to see it all come together."
"Just Tah Let U Know"[Verse One:]It's that man comin up from that land of tha C-P-T("What's my motherfuckin name?" - Snoop) Eazy-EComin thru with a big lick for '94Showin alla y'all them true-ass gangsta flowsSo bow-wow bow-wow the big dog's in townAnd them guts is the only thing a nigga poundLaid back as I blow a fat sackHittin switches for them bitches, hittin corners in a CadillacSo take a ride on tha ruthless sideWith the E to the A-Z-YThat nigga makin more off yo hits than you doYou fools, need to recognize this crew when I roll throughTryin to speak up on tha OG, nigga you don't know meBreak em off these nuts lil wanna-beCause I peel caps if need beAnd ain't nothin you gonna bring don't see meJust tah let U know...[Chorus: repeat 2X]One more time for the rhyme againComin from the C-O-M-P-T-O-NJust tah let U know Just tah let U know[Verse Two:]It's the E comin up from the gankSo nigga let me ride all the way to the bankCoz ain't nuthin on my mind but the gipsGotta have a grip, run a nigga dipBack to the pass on the Compton streetzWhere the niggaz get beat when us gangstas meetAnd fools gettin mad coz they can't ride like I rideFront n back, dippin side to sideAnd it's been like that since I was a BG"It's the E," that's what they scream when they see meMama said every day is like thisFools screamin that I put em in a twistThought you had it bad, isn't really all goodIf the homies only knew in the hoodThat you was gettin done like a two dollar hoeIt's just a lil something from the E tah let U know...[Chorus][Verse Three:]It's still the C-P-T, nuthin more, nuthin lessOn a quest to put that bomb in my chestCoz them busta-ass niggaz can't see what I'm sayinThey think the E be playin (What ?)But I ain't givin up nuthin but this glock in yo mouthSo recognize that and get yo punk ass knocked outSo if you wanna ride nigga jump on in Sip a cup o' gin. Ain't no friends when it come to endsSo no hard feelings when you niggaz be dealinWith the original Compton criminalCoz the only thing poppin is a snapsAnd ain't no fun when a nigga be tap perhapsBut a nigga like the E ain't trippin thoughI'm just here tah let U niggaz know...[CHORUS][Insert:]You have your own freedom of choiceSo you do what the fuck you feel like doinTake it from me, that streetwise motherfucker named Eazy E


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