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Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Houston is on fire lately. It's like people just realized the H was on the map for the first time. First the NBA All-Star event, now this year's Essence Music Festival. OK, I lied. Essence was originally slated for New Orleans, but apparently one city's tragedy has turned into another's treasure. Sad, but true. It's like the All-Star weekend all over again with groupies everywhere.
The worst part is the slew of parties promising big name celebrities. Don't get ripped off y'all. Rely on your instincts. Certain scams are way too obvious to miss. And, if your thing as a concert organizer is to take advantage of star-struck groupies via false advertisement, at least get your game right. Don't be like that low-thinking done-for-gooder who called me up yesterday talking about a blues concert featuring Jay-Z
. I was like "Even if Hov wanted to pull a Pussycat dolls on us and sneak into Houston, it wouldn't be at a blues concert you dumbfuck!"


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